Child Development Center

Our child development center provides a wide range of therapeutic services for children with developmental delays or children with physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social disabilities.

Our board certified occupational therapists are highly experienced in providing counseling and work with the parents to help reach their children’s full potential.

Services :

Identify and manage children’s developmental delays as follows

  • Major muscles delays (Gross Motor skills)
  • Fine motor muscles delays (Fine Motor skills)
  • Perception and cognition delays (Perception & Cognition skills)
  • Speech delays
  • Social, emotional and behavioral delays

Provides services that promotes the learning and thinking process, meditation, self-control, behavioral adjustment in order for the children to develop self-reliance and self-confidence

Assess the development of children based on their age using the DENVER II standardized assessment.

Autism (ASD)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Speech Delay
Learning disabilities (LD)

Location and Services

Open everyday at 09:00-17:00 h.

Building 4, floor 4


For Apointment and Inquiry:  095-641-8954

or 055-90-9000 ext 4445

Meet our Occupational Therapists :