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Missions, Vision and Core Values

Missions, Vision and Core Values


Pitsanuvej Hospital is a happy organization that has earned international standard, tertiary healthcare capability and a leading health care provider in the lower northern region of Thailand.


1 We aim to provide a structured and happy environment to promote learning and personal growth for each member as they commit in meeting the objectives and contribute their expertise for the development of our organization.

2 We endeavor to satisfy our clients’ needs by providing them with fast, high quality, safe and memorable care.

3 We are committed to deliver excellent healthcare services through utilization of our health care expertise and advanced medical facilities.

4 We aim to seek new ways to improve the quality of our health care services to meet the international healthcare standard.

5 We aim to live up to our responsibilities by delivering social services and environmental safety in collaboration with our organizational partners.

Core Values

PSV Excellence 

P = People Excellence : We help our employees excel in their field and recognize their contribution in achieving organizational goals.
S = Service Excellence : We provide excellent client-centered health care delivery with optimum efficiency.
= Value Adding : We add value to our partners involved in the organization.