Emergency and Trauma Center

The Emergency and trauma center provides standardized emergency care to pediatric and adult patients 24 hours every day. Our team of emergency physicians and nurses are highly trained in all aspect of emergency medicine, fast and efficient in providing first aid at the scene of the accident and transfer patient safely to hospital for continuity of care, manage patient until condition returns to normal or send patient to specialist when necessary.

Services :

Diagnoses and emergency care

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Wound care, routine vaccinations

Emergency Mobile App

  • Use the Mobile App to call an ambulance which share the location of the accident and real time ambulance movement during their journey to the site.

Ambulance Services

  • Picking up patients from various hospitals
  • Transfer patients to other hospitals for referral
  • Send patient back home after hospital discharge
  • Transfer patient to the hospital from the incident site
  • Picking up a patient from home to be taken to the hospital
  • Provide services during disasater in accordance to health emergency act of 1669 
  • Fully equipped with first aid and other medical equipments

Emergency Response Trainings and Activities

  • Teach basic life support and proper usage of AED (BLS & First aid training )
  • Plan and join emergency drills with various agencies


Building 4, floor 1

For Appointment and Inquiry :  055-90-9000 ext 9111

Meet our Emergency Physicians :