Occupational Medicine and Health Check-up Center

Health check-up Center is staffed with board certified doctors and specialists in occupational medicine that aims to provide preventive measures or early detection of the disease and refer to specialists if needed further treatment. They also provide health screening packages that suit the need of each individual, according to their age, gender and work-related risk factors.

Services :

Health Check-up Packages for patient and for other organizations

  • Annual health check-up
      – According to age groups/gender
      – Specific Health Screening
  • Comprehensive health check-up as required by insurance
  • Fit to work check up
  • Pre employment check-up
  • Health check up for Driver’s license

Counselling and general health advise

Examination to issue a medical certificate for entering work, school entrance medical certificate to study to various institutions abroad

Occupational Health Services

  • Occupational health check-up
  • Special procedures and examination in occupational health check up


Building 4, floor 1


For Appointment and Inquiry:  055-90-9000 ext 4163 or 9121, or call 081-785-2967

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