Dialysis Center

Our Hemodialysis Center provides treatment and management of patient with acute and chronic renal failure by hemodialysis treatment with a team of highly experienced nephrologists and trained nurses specialized in hemodialysis.

Services :

There are 26 units of hemodialysis available for 3 sessions a day and on call for 24 hours for emergency cases.

Acute and chronic renal failure treatment by Hemodialysis

    • 26 active units of hemodialysis, 3 units on stand-by for emergency cases only
    • Double Lumen Catheter dialysis and Permacath dialysis

Diagnostic Procedures

  • Kidney Biopsy
  • Plasmapheresis procedure

Service Hours and Location

Open: Monday to Saturday, Sunday for emergency cases

Building 5, floor 3

For Appointment and Inquiry :  055-90-9000 ext 5311 or  5312

Meet our Nephrologists: