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Service Rates

Pitsanuvej Hospital strives to provide meaningful health care price information to help our customers anticipate the costs before receiving the treatment. The estimated price of our most common procedures are based on current pricing at the time the estimate is provided. As care varies from one patient to another, we cannot provide the actual cost of every treatment. The actual cost of medical care may include unforeseen complications and additional services depending on your individual case. Your final bill will reflect the actual cost of care.

Payment Options:


Credit/Debit card 

Health care insurance (if procedure is covered by your insurance)

ATM machines are available inside the hospital.

Below are the most common procedures and tests performed in outpatient and inpatient setting. If a procedure you are interested in does not appear on the list, please fill in the required fields, or contact us at 089 – 860 – 2000 for more information. 

Health Check-up Rakchevit Packages

Cancer Screening Packages

Health Check-up Packages for Women

*If mammogram result found abnormal lesion, you should meet with the physician. Physician’s fee and other services will be charges*

Diabetes Screening Packages

*Not included: Physician Evaluation and Management Fee Services and Nursing&Midwifery Charges *

Pre-wedding Health Check-up Package

Liver Cancer Screening Packages

Rakjaikhun Packages

*Not included: Physician Evaluation and Management Fee Services for Rakjaikhun 3*

Stroke Packages

*We reserves the right to amend packages or price without prior notice*

*Not included: Medications and equipment for contrast media*

Sport Fitness Evaluation Packages

Child Delivery Package

HPV Vaccination Package for Cervical Cancer Prevention

*Not included: Physician Evaluation and Management Fee Services, Nursing&Midwifery Charges and Other Services Charges *

Other Vaccination Packages for Children

*For children 9 – 15 years old, see with physician before vaccination*

Other Vaccination Packages for Adult and Elderly

*Included: Vaccine, Doctor Fee, Nursing and Midwifery charges and Other Medical Services Charges*