Pitsanuvej Hospital “Occupational Medicine and Health Check-up Center” newly renovated building ready to provide full range of services with JCI capability

11 November 2020

Pitsanuvej Hospital-Phitsanulok held ribbon cutting ceremony on day 11.11 to inaugurate the completion of the brand-new Health Check-up and Occupational Medicine Center. The new building is more spacious, equipped with modern medical technology and expertise of medical personnel are ready to serve in a wide variety of preventive and health check for various companies and private entities.

Present at the celebration were the chairman of the ceremony Dr. Nipaporn Nimpitakpong, Vice President RpH Wansiri Nimpitakpong Network Managing Director, Dr. Athiwat Noiprasit Assistant Managing Director of Doctors and Management of Pitsanuvej Hospital, and other guests and dignitaries Khun Sutiwaswan Poonpipat Communication Director of Principal Healthcare Company, Insurance Company and Sanofi Pasteur Company Limited representatives, warmly opens the ceremony.

One of the prominence of Health Checkup and Occupational Medicine Center, Pitsanuvej Hospital is the 3 fulltime occupational medicine doctors available every day from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

1. Dr. Taniya Wongwan, Specialist in Preventive and Occupational Medicine
2. Dr. Angkana,Kritsongsakchai, Occupational Medicine Doctor
3. Dr. Nuttakhn Rattanaphichedkul, Occupational Medicine Doctor

Examination for the loss of physical and mental fitness or patients with occupational disease, consultations of various preventive and occupational health and safety, Toxicology, Biological Indicators (BEIs), First Aid, Vaccines, Labor and Environmental Law, Evaluate readiness to work (Fitness to work) in both regular and special situations, such as pre-employment/pre placement examination.

– Health check-up during the quarterly or annual performance (Periodic Examination)

– Health check-up before returning to work after illness (Return to Work Examination)

– Health check-up for working in confined space (Confined Space Work)

– Health check-up before leaving work (Exit Examination)

– Health check-up before retirement (Retirement Examination)

A team of specialists in many fields are also available for consultation in case patients are in need of specialized treatment. We also provide health screening services that comes in various check-up programs which covers the need of specific group of patients, physical exam for pre-employment and before going or working abroad, health check for insurance, corporate health checkup, AFS exchange student health check, vaccination services and onsite health examination. Pitsanuvej Hospital is ready to provide mobile check-up services as well.

Those who wish to have an annual health check can contact for more information at 081-280-6262 business development staff. Phitsanulok Hospital, Phitsanulok or Hotline 1208